Hi from NYC

I love PVC. I'm actually looking for another pair of lowrise zipfront PVC pants for the Ministry show. I'm 34, married, and I live in Brooklyn. I was really disappointed with the fetish scene here in NYC. Florida's scene was so much fun!! We're moving back to buy a house and I can't wait to hit a Fetish Factory party. Here are some pics of me in PVC.

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hey everyone.

just letting everyone know that my website is up and im putting in a shoe order for demonia on fridy which means that you can get your shoes as early as sept.
all the prices on my site are in canadian dollars and said to be some of the cheapest things on the web!


p.s. if anyone has any old lippy catalogues (before spring 2002) that they would like to trade for things or if they have the picture cd's. i have all the catalgues since then.
id love any of them i can get. thanks.

Latex latex

Ooook I have two questions. I am piecing together my halloween costume and I need latex pants or leggings and a vinyl underbust for it. I've seeeeen these leggings everywhere and they are pretty cheap, but does anyone know about the quality. I can get these shown in the pic for about $25 and others I see online go up to $95, what's the difference??
Also...what do you need to put on your skin before wearing latex?

Sorry no pics...Photobucket is all fucked up again. Here they are>>

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