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A fetish community for girls in pvc

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A community for fetish boys in pvc! Post your pix in pvc!! The mantainers of this hot community are gothiko and perfect_black.

COMMUNITY RULES: for pvcgirls & pvcboys

-> post with pix (fetish, dark, goth)
-> post with comments
-> links to other communitys or personal lj
-> links to fetish/dark/goth personal site

-> no links to commecial pages
-> no spam
allycat metalware, alternative boys, alternative fashion, alternative girls, androgyny, androids, automaton, bdsm, big boots, big shoes, blue, blue girls, blue hair, bme, body modification, body mods, bois, bondage, bondage pants, boots, boys, buckle boots, chains, clothing, clubbing, collar bones, colored hair, colorful hair, corsets, cyber, cyber boys, cyber goth, cyber punk, cyberculture, cyberdog, cybergoth, cyberpunk, cyborgs, dane, drawn on eyebrows, dreadlocks, dreads, dyed hair, eurotrash, extensions, eyeliner, fake hair, fashion, fetish, fetish clothing, fetish fashion, fetish fashions, fetish girls, fetish models, fetishism, futuristic clothing, futuristic fashion, gas masks, glam, glam fashion, goth, goth babes, goth chicks, goth clothing, goth culture, goth fashion, goth girls, goth grrls, goth grrlz, goth guys, gothgirls, gothic, gothic babes, gothic chicks, gothic fashion, gothic girls, gothic models, gothic women, goths, hair, hair dye, hair extensions, hot bois, implants, latex, leæther strip, lip service, lip-service, makeup, metalware, modeling, naked goth girls, naked goths, naked wet boys, noize, p!nk, perversion, perverts, pet shop boys, piercings, pink, plastic, plastic clothing, plastic hair, plastik, plastikwrap, platform boots, platform shoes, platforms, power noise, power noize, punk, punk girls, punky colors, purple, pvc, pvc clothing, robots, rubber, sexy goth girls, sexy goths, shiny things, shoes, silver stuff, skin two, spiky hair, stompy boots, swear boots, synth, synthetic, synthetic beauty, synthetic hair, tattoos, techno, technotrash, tight pants, torture garden, trance, transdermals, transformers, transmuters, uv, vanity, vinyl, wires